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The mobile app opens to the Home screen—a scrollable feed where your users can find what they need with ease. The feed provides an overview of accounts and recent activity, as well as services your financial institution offers. With mobile banking, users can quickly make transfers, make remote deposits, view statements, and more. 

This article describes features specific to the mobile app. For instructions on navigating the web app, go to Web Dashboard.

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Mobile Introduction

Upon opening the mobile app for the first time, a short introduction appears. Swipe through the intro and select Get Started. Select Skip to bypass the intro.

Home Screen

The Home screen displays accounts and balances, recent activity, and promotional offers. For details on accounts and transactions, go to Accounts.

From the bottom navigation bar, select Transfer to transfer money, Deposit to deposit checks remotely, or More to access more mobile options

On the upper right, select the envelope icon to view secure messages. Select the arrow icon on the right to log out. 

Promotional Offer Cards

At the bottom of the Home feed are promotional offer cards, which show targeted services that your financial institution offers. For more information, go to Promotional Offer Cards.


Below the promotional cards are other optional services that your financial institution may offer. These can include services by the AppXchange integration partners Billshark or Lemonade, or additional tools for users, like managing beneficiaries or viewing financial trends. These optional services are managed through our Admin Platform. To begin offering these services, contact

Refer a Friend

Referral marketing is a cost-effective way to drive account and deposit growth. With our Refer a Friend feature, you can provide your Digital Banking and Account Opening users with a simple way to send a referral code or referral URL to their friends. To enable Refer A Friend, your institution must be using our Digital Banking or Account Opening products. Please contact your Narmi Implementation Manager to enable the Refer A Friend functionality.

Note: If your institution is a credit union, instances of "Refer A Friend" will display "Refer A Member."

To access Refer a Friend from the mobile app:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Home page feed and select the Refer a friend/member card.

  1. On the page that appears, select Copy to copy the code, and then select Share Your Code to paste that code into an email, text, or note.

Go to Refer A Friend for complete details on this functionality.

Home Screen Customization

Your institution can customize the following features of the home screen: 

  • Announcement – Across the top of the home screen, your institution can opt to display a banner announcement to your users. The announcement appears for a user until they select the "X" to the right of the banner to close it. Once closed, it will not reappear again for the user unless the announcement is changed. The announcement can be customized in the Admin Platform under Institution Settings > Announcement.

  • Bottom Navigation Icon Names – The names of the icons on the bottom navigation bar may be customized. Please reach out to to change these names.
  • Promotional Offer Cards and Services – Optional promotions and services your financial institution may offer, mentioned earlier in this section.

Other than these features, your financial institution cannot customize other parts of the mobile experience, such as editing, reordering, or hiding portions of the mobile app.

Remote Deposits

With remote deposits, your financial institution can allow users to deposit checks electronically without having to use an ATM or visit a branch office. With remote deposit capture (RDC) technology, paper checks are digitally scanned, and an image of the check is electronically transmitted to your financial institution.

Narmi partners with the following third-party vendors for RDC:

  • Mitek MiSnap – A patented mobile-capture solution that enables an intuitive user experience and instant capture of quality images. Mitek is responsible for capturing a still image of the front and back of the checks that are deposited.
  • Ensenta – Ensenta is owned by Jack Henry and provides cloud-based, real-time payment and deposit solutions for web and mobile. Ensenta takes the scanned image from Mitek and is responsible for risk review, real-time posting, error messages, and movement of funds.

To deposit a check remotely:

1. Select Deposit from the bottom navigation bar.

2. If this is the first time making a remote deposit, a screen appears to read and accept photo deposit terms. Select read additional terms, and then select Accept Terms.

3. On the next screen, there is information on preparing the check and making sure it is eligible for deposit. Select Got It to continue.

4. Next, select Take Photos. Follow the guidance provided in the app to take a photo of the front and back of the check.

  1. Select an Account to deposit the check to and enter the Amount of the check. Make sure to sign the back of the check add "For mobile deposit only."

6. Select Deposit to finish.

More Mobile Options

To access more options, select More in the bottom navigation bar.

In the menu that appears, several options are available, including the ability to change profile information, set up alerts, search transactions, and enable Face ID. This section describes the features of the More menu.

My Accounts

The following options are available in the Accounts section:

  • Profile – Update the email address, mailing address, and phone number associated with the account. 

Note: To change the password, log in to the web app, select your name in the upper right corner, then go to Settings > User Profile > Change Password.

  • Cards – View or freeze the debit or credit cards associated with the account to reduce risk of potential fraud. Turn on the Freeze card toggle to disable use of the card for new purchases or transactions. For more information on this feature, go to Cards.

  • Alerts
    • Select Security Alerts to view the conditions for receiving security-related email notifications. These alerts cannot be disabled.

    • Select Custom Alerts to create additional alerts based on specific account conditions. Select Email me, Text me, or Notify me (receive a push notification) for any transaction, or select Additional Filters to choose a specific account, balance amount, or enter a description/keyword. Select Create Alert to save. 

  • Transactions – Select Transactions to search transactions by keyword.
  • Statements – Select Statements to view account statements. Select from a list of monthly statements, newest to oldest. If applicable, select a year to filter the list. The statement automatically opens on the mobile screen.
  • Linked Accounts – Select Linked Accounts to view or link an external account for mobile banking. Go to External Accounts for more information.
  • Go Paperless – Turn on the Paperless statements toggle to receive emailed account statements.


The following options are available in the Support section:

  • Help Center
    • Secure Messages – Select Send a secure message to send a message within mobile banking. A list of any previous messages appears. On the upper right, select Compose and type the message. On the bottom right corner of the messaging dialog, users can see an estimated time in which they can expect to receive a response, for example, "Typically replies in 24 hours." Your institution can edit this response time from our Admin Platform, under Institution SettingsSupport Message Reply Time. The default is 24 hours.

    • Support Contact via email or phone – Users can contact your staff by selecting the displayed email or phone options. You can edit these in the Admin Platform under Institution Settings > Support Email Address or Support Phone Number. Edit the placement of these contact cards under Institution Settings > Support Page Contact Us Information.
    • Frequently Asked Questions – Users can browse frequently asked questions about topics set by your institution, such as bill pay and automatic savings. Your institution can edit these questions from the Admin Platform under Institution Settings Support Page Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Branch & ATM locator
    • Allpoint – An interbank network connecting ATMs worldwide.
    • CO-OP – An interbank network connecting the ATMs of credit unions in the U.S. The CO-OP Shared Branch network allows members of one credit union to perform a range of transactions at another credit union. Through the CO-OP Shared Branch network, participating credit unions can serve members in diverse geographical locations, even when they move or travel.
    • Moneypass – A Fiserv-owned interbank network connecting ATMs in the U.S.

To use the locator:

1. Select Branch & ATM locator. Upon selecting this option the first time, a message appears asking for permission to use your location. 

2. If Allow Once or Allow While Using the App is selected, a page appears showing ATM and Branch locations. Select ATMBranch, or Shared Branch to filter the list. 

Login & Security

The following options are available in the Login & Security section:

  • Unlock with Face ID – Select this option to log in to the mobile app with Face ID, a facial recognition system designed and developed by Apple Inc. for the iPhone and iPad Pro.
  • Access Manager (Businesses Only) – For users with Admin permissions, they can invite others to their business account and grant them different levels of access through Access Manager. For more information, go to Access Manager.
  • Forget This Device – Select this option to disable Face ID. Once selected, the user is automatically logged out.


Under Services are optional services that your financial institution may offer. These can include services by the AppXchange integration partners Billshark or Lemonade, or additional features for users, like referral offers or viewing financial trends. These optional services are managed through our Admin Platform. To begin offering these services, contact

By linking another profile, users can seamlessly switch between multiple accounts, without having to log out. This feature is convenient for owners of multiple businesses, a business user with different sub-accounts, or a user with multiple consumer and business accounts. This option can be enabled by contacting your Narmi Implementation Manager.

Link a New Profile

To link another profile in the mobile app, users simply log in as the new profile they want linked. The mobile app automatically remembers all profiles logged in from a single device. 

To log in, enter the username and password of the Digital Banking account to be linked. Select Log In. If two-factor authentication is enabled at your institution, the first time the user logs into the mobile app from their device, a prompt appears for the user to verify their identity by entering the code sent to their trusted device.

On subsequent logins, the user can use their password or biometric login (if Unlock with Face ID is enabled in the More menu).

The home screen of the new profile appears automatically. 

Switch Profiles

To switch profiles in the mobile app:

1. From the login screen, select Switch profile

If already logged in, select the profiles icon on the top right.

Or, from the More menu, the user can select their name at the top of the screen.

2. A bottom drawer opens with the available profiles. The currently logged in profile has a checkmark next to it. Select the profile to switch to. 

3. If two-factor authentication is enabled at your institution, a prompt appears for the user to verify their identity by entering the code sent to their trusted device.

On subsequent logins, the user can use their password or biometric login (if Unlock with Face ID is enabled in the More menu).

A confirmation message appears and the home screen of the selected profile opens automatically.

Remove a Profile 

To remove a profile from the mobile app:

1. Select the profiles icon on the top right. 

2. A bottom drawer opens with the available profiles. Select Manage profiles on this device.

3. Under the profile to be removed, select Remove from this device. Users cannot remove the currently logged in profile.

4. A confirmation message appears letting the user know the account will not be deleted. Select Remove.

A confirmation of the removal appears.

Mobile App Feedback

App ratings provide valuable feedback to help us improve the app, as well as increase visibility of the app on the app store. Our app store review prompt is designed to listen to users who transfer funds in the mobile app and prompts them to leave a review based on how often they transfer funds. If the user interacts with the prompt, by either declining or submitting feedback, they will not be shown the prompt again. If the user takes no action, the prompt will continue to be shown, but less frequently.

The app feedback process is described below and is dependent on the OS. This process cannot be changed.

For Apple/iOS

The user receives a prompt within the app with your institution’s app name and icon. After submission, the user has the option to be redirected to the app store listing to write a full review.

For Google/Android

The user receives a prompt that redirects them to the app store listing to rate and optionally write a review.

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