Product-Specific Links
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Product-Specific Links

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Product-specific links allow you to provide your applicants with a custom Account Opening URL that opens to specific products pre-selected on the application under "Your selection." This is done by adding product IDs to the end of your institution's Account Opening URL. The product IDs map to products on the core. 

Find Your Product ID

To find your Product ID:

  1.  From the Admin Platform, select the cog wheel, then select Product List Manager.

  2. On the page that appears, a list of your institution's current product offerings is displayed. Find the product you would like the ID for, select the three dots on the product card, and select Edit.
  3. Scroll to the Product ID field and make note of the ID number to create a custom URL in the next section.

Create Your Custom URL

To create the custom URL:

  1. Start with your institution's Account Opening URL, for example:
  2. Add ?selected=[product IDs] to the end of the URL. You can add multiple product IDs separated by commas. For example, if you have two products with IDs 106 and 112, the URL would be,112

    If you are combining pre-selected products with URL parameters, you can use the ampersand & symbol. For example, this is a URL with the parameter ad_campaign=Fall2023 and the product-specific link selected=106,112:,112

When an applicant follows the link above, the products associated with IDs 106 and 112 will be automatically selected for the applicant and shown under Your selection at the bottom of the "Choose your accounts" page of their application. Even though the products are pre-selected, the applicant can change the accounts selected (unless the product is required by your institution—please contact for information on required products.)

Your institution can also specify whether you'd also like the selected products to appear in a Recommended tab on the "Choose your accounts" page. To do this, please contact

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