Narmi Analytics
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Narmi Analytics

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Narmi Analytics Snapshot: Watch video

Narmi Analytics allows you to unlock the full power of your digital data to drive revenue and confidently grow your institution. Narmi Analytics includes interactive visual dashboards and custom reports embedded directly in the Admin Platform, making it easy for teams across your organization to access data. The benefits of Narmi Analytics include:

  • A user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface makes leveraging your data simple 
  • Unlimited dashboard creation means you can create all the views you need 
  • Custom users ensure the right team members have access

To access Narmi Analytics, select Analytics from the Admin Platform, then select Dashboard. If you do not have Narmi Analytics in your Admin Platform, contact your Narmi Relationship Manager or request a demo.

About Sisense

Narmi Analytics is powered by Sisense, which provides data preparation, analysis, visualization, and dashboarding tools. Sisense has robust security features to ensure data privacy and compliance with regulations, including role-based access control, data encryption, and auditing. Sisense connects to a dedicated read replica of your production database hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sisense has read-only access to the data. For more information on Narmi Analytics security and setup, contact your Narmi Implementations Manager.

Your institution's Sisense Admin can build as many reports and dashboards as needed in the Sisense platform, which your staff users can access in Narmi's Admin Platform. For help using the Sisense platform, don't hesitate to contact your Narmi Relationship Manager or go to Sisense Documentation.

Narmi Analytics User Roles

Upon implementation of Narmi Analytics, your staff provides our Implementations team with the email address of an existing staff user who will act as the Sisense Admin. The Sisense Admin user can configure other users to Viewer roles. 

Only staff users who are configured to have access to Narmi Analytics can view the Dashboard section in the Analytics tab. If a staff user does not have Narmi Analytics access, they cannot view the "Reports" section under Analytics or the Analytics tab at all (depending on their staff permissions).

Here is an overview of the available roles:

  • Admin – Full access; can create, design, edit, and share dashboards within the Sisense platform.
  • Viewer – Can view, explore, drill down, make selections, and filter shared dashboards in Narmi's Admin platform. Viewers cannot create new dashboards or edit existing dashboards. 

Using Narmi Analytics

Based on your institution's data needs, our Implementations team will set up some initial dashboards for you to use immediately on the Admin Platform. A dashboard is a collection of one or more widgets that visualize the data that you select and design. Widgets are composed of fields that represent the data in your data sources. You create widgets by simply choosing from the fields displayed in a Data Browser, which appears in various places across the product. 

In the example below, the dashboard is called "Online Banking," and the widgets show the number of users per online banking category and segment, as well as a breakdown of users by category and segment. 

Some widget types that are available:

  • Pivot tables – Quickly summarize and analyze a large amount of data in a spreadsheet or database table 
  • Line chart – Compare data over time or changes over the same period of time for more than one group or category.
  • Column chart – Compare items and compare data over time; can include multiple values on both the X and Y-axis, as well as a breakdown by categories displayed on the Y-axis
  • Pie chart – View proportional data and/or percentages
  • Scatter map – Visualize geographical data as data points on a map

Narmi Analytics Training

To get the full benefit of Narmi Analytics, we recommend a training demo. Please contact your Narmi Relationship Manager to set one up.

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