Implementing Ensenta
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Implementing Ensenta

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Article Summary

If your financial institution (FI) will be utilizing Ensenta for remote deposit capture (RDC) services in your digital banking platform, there will be various steps to complete during the integration, depending on which Ensenta products your FI will be using. 

Your Narmi Implementation Project Manager will guide you through the process to ensure Ensenta is set up properly and tested thoroughly before your go-live date. Additionally, an Ensenta representative will conduct a platform training overview during the implementation process. 

Ensenta Mobile Setup Form

All FIs using Ensenta for RDC services will be required to complete the Ensenta Mobile Setup Form, according to your institution's specifications and required user experience. The form requests information related to the following topics:

  • General FI information
  • RDC account type permissions 
  • Cash letter & item processing
  • User eligibility
  • Alerts
  • Electronic endorsement settings
  • Risk factor settings
  • Limits & End-user segmentation
  • EZAdmin user information

Your Narmi Implementation project manager will provide this form to your FI early into the implementation process. Completion of this form is advised as soon as possible to avoid potential third-party backlogs at Ensenta. 

As you complete the setup form, feel free to reach out to the Narmi team if you have any questions or concerns.

Optional Product Forms & Implementation Processes

The forms and processes outlined below are required only if your FI purchased add-on services from Ensenta. 

Early Warning System (EWS) Form

If your FI opted for Ensenta's Integrated Fraud Check product, Early Warning System (EWS), then you will be required to complete the EWS form. This form requests information required to effectively set up EWS, such as EWS thresholds and risk factors that should be evaluated to trigger EWS and reject high-risk requests.

A Participant Reseller Agreement is also required to set up EWS.

bRDC Form

If your FI opted for Ensenta's Business Remote Deposit Capture (bRDC) desktop scanner product, then the bRDC form will be required to complete the setup process. 

Your Narmi PM will provide this form early in your implementation process. This form is similar to the generic Ensenta Setup form completed for consumer RDC services but will contain topics and settings specific to business banking. 

Smart Alerts for Real-time Fraud Monitoring (Verafin)

If your FI opted for Smart Alerts for Real-time Fraud Monitoring via Verafin, there will be a separate contract that your FI will need to sign with Verafin directly.

Integrations with Verafin cannot be started until your FI is live on the Ensenta platform.

Typically, Ensenta can kick off the Smart Alerts/Verafin project shortly after your FI has a good number of client transactions coming into the platform. Ensenta's experience is that the Verafin configuration usually takes 60-90 days from that point.

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