Linked Accounts
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Linked Accounts

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In the Linked accounts tab of Settings, view the external accounts that are linked to the Digital Banking account, unlink or rename an account, or link a new external account. To access linked accounts, select Settings from the name menu, and then select Linked accounts.

For instructions on accessing external accounts from the mobile app, go to Linked Accounts Mobile. For information on managing users' external accounts from the Admin Platform, go to External Accounts.

Select the three dots next to an account name to reveal the following options: 

  • Rename – Edit the name of the account.
  • Delete – Remove the account from the Digital Banking profile. This does not delete the external account.

If an external account is pending verification, select Verify next to the account name.

To add an external account from the web app:

  1. In the Linked accounts tab, select Link a new account.
  2. A dialog box appears with two options to add an account, described below. To update the electronic funds transfer agreement link shown in this dialog for both web and mobile, from the Admin Platform, go to Institution Settings > ACH Terms URL.
    • Instantly add  With this option, select the external institution and enter the credentials to verify the account instantly.
    • Manually add  With this option, enter the account and routing numbers for the external bank, which will be verified with two microdeposits.

      For manual adds, the account must be verified. Once the two microdeposits are received (which may take up to 3 business days), select your name in the upper right corner, then select Settings. Under Accounts, next to the account name, select Verify. In the dialog that appears, enter the amounts of the two deposits. Select Confirm and activate account. A confirmation message appears when successfully activated.

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