Accessible Design at Narmi
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Accessible Design at Narmi

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Accessibility is a basic right. In the same way you would install accessibility ramps at the front door of your branch, it is imperative to consider your digital accessibility as well. Narmi has made improvements that work to make our products more accessible to everyone.

The "Tab key" for Navigation on Web

This hidden “Skip to content” button allows users to navigate through online banking and the Admin Platform using only the Tab and Enter keys. Many users of assistive technologies use a keyboard to interact with a website when they are on a computer, as opposed to a keypad or mouse, so this is a critical step toward making online banking accessible for them. 

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Tags

ARIA is a set of attributes added to HTML to make content more accessible to those who use assistive technologies or screen readers. We implemented ARIA tags to provide screen readers extra information, context, and interactivity with content on the online banking pages. These tags function to improve the overall experience for those using assistive technology on the web app.

Screen Readers on Mobile

Our mobile app is compatible with the built-in mobile screen readers iOS VoiceOver and Android TalkBack. Users can rely on accurate auditory feedback when navigating the mobile app, including tab names, menus, and selected accounts. This ensures an easier experience for everyday user actions such as transferring funds.

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