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In the Profile tab of Settings, users can update their contact info or change their password, which is described in this article. Users can also enroll in paperless statements from the Profile tab, which is described in the next article.

The Profile tab appears by default when you select Settings from the name menu.

Contact Info

Depending on your institution's configuration, in the "Contact info" section, users can update the username, email address, phone number, residential address, and mailing address associated with their account. Select the pen icon next to each field to edit. The residential and mailing address is only in the "Contact info" section for customers, not businesses (see business info below). The mailing address shows only if enabled in Institution Settings > Has Mailing Address.

When changing their phone number, if the user intends to use the new phone as a two-factor authentication device, they must add it in Settings > Security. The new phone number is saved to the core for consumer users, not business users, and only if your institution's core supports phone numbers.

When changing their email address, users receive an email with a confirmation link at the new email address. Users must confirm the new email via the link to save the new email address to their profile. The new email address will be saved to the core, if your institution's core supports emails. For instructions on how your staff can manually update the user's email address with the value from the core, go to Update Email.

Note: When a user updates their email address here, the Email and Email on core fields are updated in the sidebar of the user's profile page on the Admin Platform.

When a user changes their residential and/or mailing addresses, the new information is saved to the core, if your institution's core supports addresses.

To change whether your users can view/edit their contact information or not, please contact your Narmi Relationship Manager.

Business Info

For businesses, the organizational primary address (and mailing address, if the "Has Mailing Address" institution setting is enabled) is pulled from the core and displayed in a separate "Business info" section.

You can allow business Admins to edit the addresses, but business sub-users can only view the addresses. When a business Admin edits the addresses, the update is applied to all business subusers and is saved to the core, if your institution's core supports addresses. Note: Some cores will prevent the update from proceeding for business users.

To change whether your business Admin users can view/edit their contact info or not, please contact your Narmi Relationship Manager.


When the account_membership feature is enabled, below the "Contact info" section, a "Membership" section displays the user's linked internal accounts. To enable this feature, contact your Narmi Relationship Manager.

To link a new internal account, select Link another account. In the dialog that appears, enter the account number, Social Security Number/ITIN, and date of birth. Select Link account. To verify ownership of the account, a verification link is sent to the email address associated with the account to be linked.

To unlink an internal account, select the trash can icon next to the account number. On the confirmation dialog that appears, select Yes, unlink.


Below their contact information, users can change their password. Select Edit and on the page that appears, enter the old and new passwords.

User passwords can be 4,096 characters or fewer. The minimum password length can be configured by the financial institution, but we highly recommend a minimum password length of at least 10 characters. For more information, go to Password Security.

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