NAF Apps
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NAF Apps

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Video: NAF Apps Self-Service Walkthrough

NAF Apps is our self-service functionality designed to help you easily embed applications into your Digital Banking experience. NAF Apps leverages the Narmi Application Framework (NAF) and allows you to add, remove, or update your own embedded applications directly within our Admin platform, without the need for Narmi support.

With a simple form, you can set the app name and description, set the redirect URL, determine how the application will open, and more. If you choose to make the app public, it will be available to your Digital Banking users automatically, and there is no deploy needed. There are multiple levels of permissions available so you can grant individual users (at a financial institution and/or the third party) the appropriate level of access to add, edit, or delete applications. This category describes how to register and manage a NAF App.


To get started with NAF Apps, from the Admin Platform sidebar, select Extensions > NAF Apps. Only Admin users with appropriate permissions have the NAF Apps option. Contact to turn on your access. 

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