Alloy FAQs
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Alloy FAQs

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This article contains some frequently asked questions about Alloy. 

Can Alloy workflows be tested in UAT?

Yes, however, all UAT applications go through a "Narmi Alloy Workflow" which always provides (99%) an "approved" decision to test the remaining portion of Account Opening flow. 

Can Alloy workflows be tested in Production? 

Narmi cannot test Alloy workflows in Production using test accounts because real background checks are run on names and information input in the flow. The best method to test Alloy decisioning in Production is with live testers provided by your Financial Institution (FI). 

How many Alloy user accounts can a financial institution create?

Unlimited accounts per FI can be created on Alloy.

What is the "updated Alloy evaluation" flow?

Applicants can submit more than one application and change subsequent information input in the flow. Previously, in this use case, the following would occur:

    1. If the initial evaluation is approved → all subsequent applications will be approved

    2. If the initial evaluation is denied → all subsequent applications will be denied

Now, evaluations are run per application or "per group" (vs. per applicant). This way, your FI can decision on an application level (vs. applicant level).  

What is a "group" vs. a "person"?

A group is a way for Alloy to identify a unique application. A group can have multiple people, for example, a joint application.

A person is a way for Alloy to identify a unique applicant. A person can have multiple onboarding decisions made on themselves.

How do FI staff action applications in Alloy?

  1. Navigate to the Review Queue.
  2. Under Type, select Group to filter reviews based on Group.
  3. Select the relevant Group evaluation.
  4. Scroll to review any necessary information.
    • If the SSN has been used in a previous evaluation, this will be indicated under the SSN field of the Matched Data section of the Evaluation. This will appear in both the original and any subsequent evaluations for a given SSN, which will enable financial institution staff to easily inspect past evaluations that include the same SSN.
  5. Select Review Group to add a review.

For additional information, visit Manual Reviews and Evaluations.

What is Alloy’s Transaction Monitoring product? Is it offered through Narmi?

Alloy’s Transaction Monitoring product is not resold by Narmi. If your FI would like Transaction Monitoring, you have to directly purchase and implement the product from Alloy. Reference materials on the product are below.


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How does the contract work between Narmi, the FI, and Alloy?

One of the benefits of working with Narmi is that the FI does not need a direct contract with Alloy, but they will need to sign the Terms and Conditions. The SLAs for the system are included in the Narmi contract.

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