About Intuit
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About Intuit

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Intuit provides several products focused on assisting individuals and small businesses with their financial management and compliance needs. For Narmi's Business Digital Banking product, we support optional Intuit connection types that allow users to manually or automatically update transaction information in Intuit products. Please contact your Narmi General Manager to start integration.

Intuit Products

Intuit offers multiple products that connect in various ways to users’ banking platforms.

  • Quickbooks Desktop: Purchased to install on office desktop computer
  • Quickbooks Online: Cloud-based subscription service that works from any device

Additional information can be found on Intuit's website here.

Connection to Digital Banking Platforms

Connection types allow for either manual or automatic updates of banking information to Intuit products. Each product only supports certain connection types to facilitate these updates.

Narmi supports Web Connect, not Direct Connect.

Web Connect

Web Connect is the connectivity type that begins in the online banking environment. 

  • End users will download a .qbo (QuickBooks) or .qfx (Quicken) file and import that file into QuickBooks or Quicken.
  • This process does not require institution credentials to be entered in Quicken or QuickBooks since the file download occurs in your institution's online banking environment.

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