About Third-Party Vendors
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About Third-Party Vendors

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Article Summary

Narmi relies on third-party vendors to assist in the execution of banking features and extend capabilities beyond banking. For example, we do not physically print checks for a customer. We connect to a check-ordering vendor who creates and prints checks for the financial institution. 

There are three types of third-party vendors:

  • Standard with Narmi – Required vendors used by all customers with a specific product. For example, Alloy is used by all our Account Opening customers.
  • Optional – Vendors based on the financial institution's banking feature selection. For example, your institution might want to provide remote deposit capture to their users and choose Ensenta over Digiliti.
  • Extensible – Non-banking feature vendors that are integrated via NAF Apps or other custom functionality using Narmi APIs. Some examples are embedding a monthly bill pay application or passing account opening data via a loan originator.

Third-Party Vendor Integration

We can connect the third parties using one of three ways:

  • API – Narmi Engineering implements the backend interface as documented by the third party, as well as the frontend interface.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – An authentication method that allows the user to securely access a third-party site without having to sign in again. Narmi Engineering implements the SSO specification as documented by the third party.
  • Narmi Application Framework (NAF) – The third party, the financial institution, or a development agency is responsible for the integration. This integration may involve our NAF Apps feature or other custom functionality using Narmi APIs. For more information, go to Narmi Application Framework (NAF).

When integrating custom functionality, you should whitelist the following Narmi IP addresses to ensure connectivity and enhance network security in various environments:

  • Production requests can originate from, and
  • Test/UAT requests can originate from and

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