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The Dashboard is the first page that a user sees upon logging into online banking. It displays all of the user's accounts—from obvious ones like checking and savings, to less obvious accounts like CDs and loans. It’s a one-stop-shop for a user's total financial story, including account balances, total available cash, and latest transaction activity. 

This article introduces features of the Dashboard for web browsers. For instructions on navigating the mobile app, go to Mobile Banking.

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Across the top of all pages of the web app, including the login page, your institution can opt to display a banner announcement to your users. The announcement appears for a user until they select the "X" to the right of the banner to close it. Once closed, it will not reappear again unless the user's web browser cache is cleared or the announcement is changed. The announcement can be customized in the Admin Platform under Institution SettingsAnnouncement.


On the top of the Dashboard is a Balances section, which lists balances for all active accounts by type, such as Checking, Savings, Money Market, CDs, and Loans. Each account displays the account name, account number, and balance amount. Select an account from the list to view full transaction details.


Favorited accounts appear at the top of the list. To favorite an account, select the three dots to the right of the account name and select Favorite. To remove an account from the Favorites list, select the three dots to the right of the account name and select Unfavorite.

Hidden Accounts

Hidden accounts appear at the bottom of the accounts list. Select the Hidden accounts to reveal these accounts. 

To hide an account, select the three dots to the right of the account name and select Hide from view. To unhide an account, select the three dots to the right of the hidden account name and select Unhide.


Accounts are sorted alphabetically A-Z by default, but can also be sorted by account number or balance, in ascending or descending order. To sort, select the three dots to the right of the account type (such as Favorites, Checking, Savings, etc.) Select a sort or order option from the menu, and the list reorders automatically.

Latest Activity

Below Balances, view the latest transaction activity across all accounts. Pending transactions are pinned to the top of this list and the list displays up to five of the latest transactions. Each transaction displays:

  • Description 
  • Date
  • Account
  • Amount

Select a pending transaction to view the transaction date, account and description.

Select a completed transaction to view several details and perform various actions. To learn more, go to Transactions.

Total Available Cash

To the right of the accounts list, view total available cash across all accounts. Total available cash is the total cash available for spending or withdrawals. It does not include balances from CDs or liabilities. Turn on Include hidden accounts to show hidden accounts in the total.

Net Worth

If your financial institution has it enabled, a Net Worth section displays under Total Available Cash. Net Worth leverages MX’s Personal Finance Management solution and provides historical net worth data on all accounts. To have this enabled for your institution, contact support@narmi.com.

By default, view deposit balances over these time frames:

  • Past 6 Months
  • Past 9 Months
  • Past Year

Select the filter icon on the upper left to select accounts to include in the graph. Scroll down to view net worth by month, and select a month to view gains and losses.

Promotional Offer Cards

Promotional cards appear under Net Worth in the Dashboard, and on the home screen of the mobile app. Promotional offer cards enable your institution to highlight key functionality or promotions to your customers. Multiple promotional cards can be active at the same time. Each time a user logs in, they will see one of the cards, selected at random. 

To enable promotional offers, please contact support@narmi.com.

Editing Promotional Cards

Any staff member can add, edit, or delete a promotional card. To do this:

1. From the Admin Platform, select Institution Settings.

2. Search for the institution setting called "Promotional Data." 

3. Select Edit.

4. On the page that appears, update the fields that need changing. The following fields are available:

  • Icon – Select an icon to display in the promotional offer tile. Review Narmi's Design System for available icons, then select the name of the icon from the icon menu. 
  • URL – The link to which the promotional card will redirect when the user selects it.
  • Title – The headline text for the card. This field is limited to 30 characters. According to marketing research, clear and concise is best.
  • Description – The body text for the card. This field is limited to 150 characters. According to marketing research, clear and concise is best.
  • Action_text – The call to action text for the card. This field is limited to 10 characters. The default is "Learn more."
  • Location – This defaults to "welcome" and cannot be changed. This means the card displays on the Dashboard for web and the home screen for mobile.
  • Weight – This is a numerical value from 1 - 10 that configures the frequency at which a card is shown versus no card is shown. The default is 10, which allows for a card to be shown 100% of the time, picked at random from the available promo.

For example:

  • There are two tiles, both with weight set to 5
    • 50% of the time, a tile will be shown, picked at random from the two promos
    • 50% of the time, no tile will be shown
  • There are two tiles, both with weight set to 10
    • 100% of the time, a tile will be shown, picked at random from the two promos

Note: weight has no effect on the relative frequency in which one promo gets picked over another.

5. At the bottom of the item, there are options to add or delete the card. To add a new card, select Add item. To delete an existing card, select Delete item.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes. Updates are immediately live.

Integrated Services

With NAF Apps, your institution can earn revenue by offering third-party services, while also delivering a seamless user experience. NAF Apps is our self-service functionality designed to help you easily embed applications into your Digital Banking experience. When added, NAF Apps are accessed by users from the Tools menu on the top navigation bar, or on the web dashboard in a Services card under promotional offer cards.

To learn more about integrating a service, go to NAF Apps.

Transfer Funds

Easily transfer funds directly from the Dashboard by selecting Transfer funds on the upper right corner of the page.

The following transfer types are available:

  • Transfer
  • Bill Pay (if applicable)
  • Member to Member (if applicable)
  • Wire (if applicable)

For more information, go to Transfers.

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