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The Narmi Design System is a “single source of truth” library that documents every design component used across our products, along with a set of guidelines and source code that instruct designers and developers on how to build with these components.

Our design system is open source which means that it’s freely available to be distributed and used by a wide audience. Anyone building and integrating with Narmi, including financial institutions and their third party vendors, has access to the same building blocks.

Narmi's Design System is comprised of a component style guide and component code library:

  • The Component Style Guide documents everything from our product style (colors, typography, layout, etc.) to how we build components (buttons, formfields, toggles, navigation, etc). 
  • The Component Code Library serves as the home for developers to quickly access the code for these components so they can build at scale. All the components within our library are fully responsive and accessible.

Our design system source code is available as a community resource on GitHub.

For more information on about our design system, see Introducing the Narmi Design System.

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