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Integrate an Application or Service into Online Banking

If you would like to integrate an application or service within our Online Banking platform, you can use the Narmi Application Framework (NAF). Using the NAF, you can embed an application that displays in online banking as an iFrame for web or as a webview for mobile. An iFrame is an inline frame used to nest another HTML page within the current one. A webview is a web browser that is embedded in a mobile app to display web content. Embedded apps can look and feel like our native application using the Narmi Design System. There are no additional costs to implement and you can release and maintain the app independent of Narmi's product release cycles. 

Here is an example of an embedded app that goes to an example website. This integration could open any site you specify directly in an iFrame.

To start building with the NAF, go to Narmi Application Framework.

Pass Digital Account Opening Data 

If you would like to pass digital account opening data, you can use our Digital Account Opening API. For example, if you are a loan originator, you can streamline the loan application and account opening process for borrowers without having to leave your site. Some benefits of this could include:

  • Pre-fill customer/member eligibility and default to the most-commonly selected accounts to reduce “decision overload”
  • Reduce account funding friction through automatically funding the account in conjunction with the loan product
  • Minimize overall time to fund the loan & deposit product

To get started building with our Account Opening API, go to our Quick Start Guide.

Integrate a Single Sign-On Experience

In some instances, Narmi will support a Single Sign-On (SSO) user experience to let users navigate securely to a third party vendor without requiring credentials. 

Here is an example of the SSO experience, which opens an example site outside the Narmi platform.

Contact us to explore SSO integrations at support@narmi.com.

Integrate Advanced Functionality

Integrating more advanced functionality, such as the examples outlined below, may require assistance from Narmi.

Execute Admin Commands on Narmi Data

If you use Narmi's Admin Platform and would like to integrate custom functionality—such as read and write secure messages, monitor events on the platform, or feed user data into your CRM platform—you can access data through our Admin API.

For example, use the Admin API to enroll a user into online banking. Make a call to our Admin API that returns an enrollment link, or if the user is already enrolled, a link to online banking.

You can also use webhooks. Webhooks allow you to build or set up apps which subscribe to certain events - instead of continuously polling for changes, webhooks will push new data when it becomes available. When one of those events is triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured URL. Once created, a webhook subscription will be triggered each time one or more subscribed events occurs.

To get started building with our Admin API, go to our Quick Start Guide.

Facilitate Integration into a Banking Core

Our team of engineers handle core connectivity. However, if you’re looking to integrate Narmi with your banking core using an Enterprise Service Bus, read our ESB Core Integration Guide. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact support@narmi.com.

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